Internship In Law Firm

March 8, 2023

Job Description

The Law Firm is working mainly in international private law, commercial law and contract law.
• shall attend at the least the last year of Law School or shall be recently graduated from Law School
• shall have a level of knowledge of English not less than C1 (mandatory) and a basic knowledge of legal English is compulsory as well. A basic knowledge of Italian and good knowledge of French, Spanish and Arabic, is considered a title of preference.
• Shall have a good knowledge of International Commercial Law, commercial law, Civil and Private Law, preferably through previous experience of internship.

• Research in the field of international private law, commercial law, contract law and civil law in general (in English or other languages). Doctrinal and jurisprudential research should be carried out through internet, online or printed databases, magazines, books and newspapers, as well as through direct reading of legal texts and judgments
• Write summaries or draft legal opinions based on research in order to elaborate specific solution.
• Translate articles, judicial deeds, legal opinions, and documents in different languages.
• Study real cases and write report on the same cases giving his / her opinion on that
• Attend to meetings with clients and other colleagues
• Attend to hearings (when it is possible in accordance with covid rules)