Yes, you can arrange the internship as you want.  CROM Internship give you the possibility to decide:

  • internship sector;
  • company;
  • country;
  • duration;
  • starting and ending dates.


From the moment of your application to the interview with the company usually does not take more than a week, confirmation will be given at the time of the interview, a few days later you will receive all the necessary documents.

If you are an Erasmus+ student and you have a deadline to obtain the necessary documents, we suggest you apply as early as you can.


If you are no longer able to start your internship due to health problems, financial problems or reasons arising from the company, you will be fully reimbursed.



There is a fee to be paid. The fee depends on the duration of the internship and its characteristics. Payment is required only after having had the interview with the company and have been accepted.


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