Marketing and Economics Field Internship

March 8, 2023

Job Description

We are looking for students preferably specialised in marketing or economics, but we will consider students from any field of study.


-Entrepreneurial mindset, proactive approach

-Openness and ability to work with people a lot

-High motivation to learn and explore new industries and markets

-Ability to analyze data and make conclusions

-Ability to bring new ideas


-Market research: polls, focus groups, data analysis, market estimation

-Deal flow management: searching for the best startups on the market, doing reports

-Helping with event organizing (pitch sessions, for instance)

-Experts’ and advisors’ searching – you will read a lot of reports and websites to find the right people and help us to reach them out

-Database maintenance

-You can have your own ideas on how to bring value to the fund, let’s discuss it